WDTV Gen 3 and auto frame rate

Forgive me but I’m a little confused over the various versions of WDTV live. I believe I have a Gen 2 device part No WDBAAP0000NBK with rev 1.06.15_V Firmware.

Overall its a great little box but one thing which is a real pain is its inability to align the output  frame rate to the source material when set to “auto” resulting a a jerky picture.

The only solution seems to be to manually align the output frame rate to the source material (in my case mostly  mkvs hanbraked from region 1 and 2 DVDs) this means coming out of the mkv you were trying to view,  all the way to the top level settings menu, defining the desired rate and then all of the way back,  before you can continue with the media you were trying to watch.

I see quite a lot of comment about this issue back in 2010-2011 but  no fix, in 2012 the queries seem to dry up. Am I right to assume “Auto Frame Rate” is fixed in the current (Gen 3)  version of the box



Yes, it works perfectly now. I have tested it a lot and I get perfect changes to 24p for example. Never any troubles. Worth an upgrade.

I have a Gen 3 and Auto Frame Rate works correctly.