WDTV freezing - possibly too many files?

For a while my WDTV Live has been freezing, requiring a restart. Sometimes it will say memory is running low and requires a restart.

I run a Synology DS414 (24TB down to 16TB with RAID). There is a single Samba share with sub-folders for my media.

I recently solved the problem by moving some of my media into a different area, thus reducing the number of files the WDTV Media Library needs to index and the problems have gone.

Whilst I haven’t counted, I think I have less than 3000 files. Having read other forum posts (and this thread) I am wondering if the problem is too many files or just too many folders (A series will have it’s own folder with separate sub folders for each season.

Any ideas to resolve this permanently would be appreciated.[object Object]


Can you please share the model number of your unit and what firmware are you running on it?

Thanks for the enquiry, my device is running the latest firmware (I don’t recall the number but I tried an update and received the usual message about the latest software is installed)

The model number is WDBGXT0000NBK-01

Sometimes it freezes and has to be restarted or the rotating arrow appears and won’t go away or the sound continues even though the video has stopped.

Other times I receive a message that system memory is running low and the device should be restarted.

As I said in my original post, it seems OK right now having moved some series to another location - I wondered if the problem was due to exceeding a limit on the number of files the WDTV can cope with but I can’t find any information to support the theory.


When you restart the unit, are you doing a power cycle or resetting the unit using the reset button to the bottom of the unit? If you are not using the reset button, please try that.

Usually I restart with a full power off but I have tried the reset button before - either method seems to make no difference.

Sometimes it works flawlessly for 2 weeks then it might need restarting 3 times in one hour.

I reduced the number of files it has to index (as described in the original post) and so far has been perfect for about a month and a half since doing this.

When it was freezing I did try using the folders method to access the content instead of the media library - it made no difference, hence my question regarding maximum number of files it can cope with.

I’d rather use the media library as this mode remembers the last watched position if I need to stop playback to continue another day.