WDTV Freezes on Netflix

I just started trying to use WDTV to watch Netflix Daredevil and found it locks up after a couple of hours
usage (not even the 3 hour energy saving time). I have a 802.3 connection to the box through a Gigabit
switch I have a 45Mb ISP connection. My OPPO 105 Blue Ray player is connected to the same switch and
it never locks up on Netflix. My firmware version is 2.02.32.

When the box freezes I have to pull the power cord to reset the box. The remote no longer works
after the box freezes.

I’m getting ready to sign up for Cubs games on MLB.com for CUB games and
I need to make sure the WDTV is reliable to use on my big screen TV.

It’s been well documented over the years that the WDTV’s (since 2011) have memory problems and will just ‘freeze’ when low on memory and require a power reset.

Not much you can do about it since WD haven’t released any firmware / fix updates for nearly 2 Years.

I suppose you could try factory resets or firmware rollbacks, but in honesty i don’t think that will help.

You could also try making sure you fully shut down the unit after a session where Netflix was used. Instead of just pressing power and going into sleep mode, long-press power to fully turn the unit off. It takes longer to restart, but you are assured that each new session is fresh.

Of course, this won’t help with freezes during multiple hours of viewing, but if you think this may ever be caused by accumulation try it.