WDTV freezes during playback

When I watch a movie (regardless of the file type), it ends up freezing. Sometime it takes 30 seconds, other times it’s an hour or half an hour. When it happens, the video freezes and I can’t fast-forward, rewind or anything. I can hit the back button and it’ll go back to the screen where you can choose a movie, but i can’t do anything beyond that… it’s completely frozen. Anyone have any idea what could be going on?  

2TB Lacie USB 3.0 HDD

I am having the same exact issue.  I am running two 2-TB drives connected through the USB connectinos (both formatted on a Mac computer as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) on my WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (with the latest firmware update).  Every movie or show starts to play just fine, but after 15-20 minutes it simply freezes up, identical to your issue.  If it unfreezes (at all) it then runs at double speed with no sound.  I am going to try the reset button, but I just purchased this unit and have to say that if this is how the WDTV performs, I am not terribly happy.  Hopefully someone will be able to provide some answer on why these things are locking up like this.  Thanks and thanks for letting me jump on board with your issue!

I never experience the issues reported. Maybe if both posted the specific format details of the erratic movies someone may have a resolution or can replicate the problem.

The most recent file types that it has frozen on were:

  1. mp4

  2. mkv

We managed to get through an .avi without it freezing once recently as well.

I’ve got the same issue. Only started happening in the last 2 weeks, a variety of files have been tried with varying results. Sometimes playback is not affected at all.

mine does that when I have conflicting ip addresses. I use manual ip setting