WDTV doesn't see LAN over WIFI

I’ve had this issue for many years.  WDTV works fine over WIFI until a laptop on the same LAN plays a video from the same shared folder the WDTV connects to.  After this occurs the WDTV will lose sight of the LAN all together.  The only way I have found to fix this issue is to reboot the Windows 7 PC the shared folder is on.  After this like magic the WDTV is able to see the LAN and connect to the shared folder.  Would really like to get this problem solved.  Seems like a Windows issue to me because I can use XBMC on my phone to watch the shared folder and this won’t kick the WDTV off the LAN.  Only time there is a problem is when a Windows 7/8 laptop on the LAN views a video on the shared folder.  Verified MSBROWSE is running on the Win7 PC.  thanks for any help


What firmware are you running on the unit?

You can try setting a static IP on the unit.

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Firmware: 2.01.86

All firmwares give me the same problem.

Will try the static IP and maybe try a wired connection.  thanks

Only solution I found is to restart the Workstation service in Windows.