WDTV doesn't see all the files

I have about 4500 songs in my Music folder. Some are put in subdirectories within “Music”. The WDTV only sees about 2300 of those. I have to rebuild the media library for it to see all of the files. In some cases even that doesn’t work and I have to delete all the WDTV related files from the hard-drive (1.5TB Elements) using a Win7 pc, re-attach and rebuilt from there. At that point it is able to see all the files only to ignore a bunch of them the next day over the couse of simple operations like watching a video or listening to radio.

The same issue occurs with my videos also. I have about 200 movies and very often the WDTV decides it only want to see 34. Anyone else with a similar issue and ideas on how to work around it?

Yes, I’m using the latest firmware, yes I’ve done a factory reset, yes the harddrive has been scanned for errors (it’s brand new) and yes, just for fun, my computer and router (hardwired) is fully updated. Anyone else with this issue? 

Are this files located in your network or in a drive (s) that are connected directly to the WD TV?

It’s connected to a 1.5TB drive directly. I suspect the WDTV doesn’t “like”  long lists of files that’s 200+ from what I’ve seen. I have to rebuilt my library each time for it to see my files A through Z for my longer directories. After which times it goes back to simply seeing files A through G or some subset of A-Z. 

I’m going to try splitting up directories with large number of files into smaller subdirectories to see if that helps. But surely there must be an easier solution?