WDTV disappears as android app renderer

Before I’m off to the MBL forum I wanted to note one minor problem …

 Often, when playing media through an android device, for instance with S4/4.2/BubbleUpNp set to WDTV as the renderer and between the time that one media file is started/plays and the next time a media file is play-to’d the setting for the renderer has been reset all on its own to the local device renderer. This only happens with the WDTV as the renderer.

It’s been wonderful to see all this just keep getting better!


What firmaware are you running on the Media Player?

Does this happens with any other android device?

It looks like when ur playing to the regular renderer it kicks out of that setting when another control comes in like pushing pause oh the remote, or from another player

Playing to the openhome manages that renderer setting quite well quite. Stays there even after going off to another player or windows playto …

And its tha latest firmware on my 4779-705062 HD TV Live and everything is going quite well lately.