Wdtv.cas2 database questions


I have had to figure out how to update this db because of the unknown-genre-if-you-refresh-library-and-use-video_ts-folders bug (as I can see it has been around for over 3 years so isn’t likely to be fixed soon!).

I was looking at the db to see what else I could fix at the same time and found some interesting fields that might be useful and was wondering if anyone knew what they were for before I start messing with them. My aim is to get a bit more categorisation of the media as the genre field only holds a single value.

The fields are:-



I also did a test info scan on an X-Files DVD folder and forced it to use TVDB so that I could see what info is added to the db, but none of the expected fields in the database (e.g. season_name, series_name, episode_num, series) were populated. I think I may have done the lookup wrong, but changing the meta source to TVDB and doing a manual lookup didn’t give me any option to choose this information - it just let me choose a generic high-level X-Files entry.

How do I get the TV series lookup to obtain this extra info and populate those database fields correctly?



sorry, but it’s unlikely you’ll find anybody who’s worked on the database manually like this

how do most people update this ?

WD reads xml files, at output by thumbgen and other programs

you can manually edit the xml files to read however you want

then you would clear the media library and force it to recompile the library

it will then pull all the data from your xml files, presumably into the database, never looked, but regardless

whatever is in the xml is what will get displayed on screen

dan0001 wrote:

I also did a test info scan on an X-Files DVD folder and forced it to use TVDB … changing the meta source to TVDB and doing a manual lookup 

You can’t “force” the use of TVDB.   The WD chooses the metasource based on the content.   If it’s a TV show, it uses TVDB (or whatever source you’ve added via the meta source manager, but I don’t think that’s what you’re doing.)

If it’s a movie, it always uses TMDB.

The way it knows Movie versus TV is by the name of the file, such as

My Show.S01E03.mkv

looks for Season 1 Episode 3 of “My Show” in TVDB database.

hi KAD79, the issue i have isn’t with displaying on screen - it is with the filter working off the db values rather than the xml values (the db values in this case not being updated with the xml values due to an existing bug). i thought i would try here first as the first instance of this being reported was also on the WD Community board by an honored contributor back in 2011 (need to find that link again as I have forgotten the name!). no worries though - i do have something working, i was just trying to be opportunistic :slight_smile:

hi tonyph12345, i thought i was forcing it to use tvdb by choosing that specifically from the window that comes up when you do a rescan and it cannot find anything due to the file name being non-standard (you get two manual options, to type in the title and to choose the meta source)?