Wdtv cannot read external usb wd drive

Purchased wdtv 2 weeks ago and got it connected to my network working fine, purchased new wd internal 2g drive which is cased in akasa caddy, my desktop computer reads the drive ok but when i plug into wdtv it cannot read usb on local media.Can anyone give me some advice or is 2g too big for wdtv? The reason for external drive is so i dont have leave computer on when watching movies.

I assume you mean 2TB drives x 2 = 4TB total

I’d bet the problem is likely with how the enclosure presents the drives to the WD

2TB drives are not a problem either with MBR or GPT

Drive format can make a difference, but most popular drive formats are supported

 also might be good to know what type of external connector is used with the enclosure

 I am using 1x wd caviar green 2tb sata 6gbs 64mb cache - oem (wd20earx) hdd, that is cased in a integral akasa enclosure connected by usb 3 connection

some people have reported problems with certain usb3 hdd and enclosures

is there anyway to solve this

probably with a different enclosure

unless somebody else has idea’s

yes you are correct i have used my older enclosure usb 2.0 and wdtv reads ok.

wdtv does not support usb 3.0

It does but there are problems that ought to be fixed by one of the next firmware updates.

I have the same issues… been using WDTV Live Streaming media player together with WD My Passport 2TB USB3 for the passed months with ´some´ issues but could normally solve them with hard reboot.

However, now NEITHER of my WDTV Live Streaming media players can read the HDD. What´s going on? It says that the folder is empty. I can connect it to my computer and I can say all the files… but when connected to either front or back USB entrance of the player… ´There is no media in the folder´.

Another HDD with it´s own power source works fine… also USB3 and 3TB. But not WD´s own My Passport HDD… doesn´t make sense.

Can anybody help?

Turn off media library and delete the .wdtv folder. What happens?

It DOES support my USB 3.0. I have a independently powered Sharkoon USB 3.0 and 3TB connected without any issues.

Having same issues. I have a 3TB drive plugged in for many months. Works great. Since 1.15 release, the drive doesn’t connect. Rolled back to 1.14, still same issue. It looks like either the USB driver is crashing, or the USB hardware is failing. The drive is self powered, so no drain there.
I normally just leave it plugged in to the wdtv. Add files via Ethernet.
Please post a work around or a new sw release.
Bought this box BECAUSE it provided the best package and can play all of my media, now I can’t access any of it.

Have you tried a full reset after rolling back to 1.11.14?