WDTV boots then loses signal

I had my WDTV for about a year and it worked fine during that time. I never had a problem.

I recently moved and I was receiving a no signal issue when I hooked it back up again. I figured it just got banged in the move. WD was nice enough to send me a replacement, but I had the same problem. When they sent me another replacement I’m still having the problem.

I don’t know the firmware of the box I have right now because I can’t get it connected to display anything.

I’ve tried multiple TVs and multiple HDMI cables as well as the composite cables that it comes with, so that’s not the problem.

I’ve searched the problem on the forums and haven’t seen anything exactly the same to my issue.

I’ve also done a reset and that hasn’t solved the problem either. Are there any suggestions?

Well if you have tried it on different TVs and cables then its not working.

But very strange how you can have the exact same issues with a new box, sounds to me like they just sent you your old one back.

So if I am reading you correctly you have had 3 players which have had exactly the same problems and you have tried them on various TV’s using both HDMI and composite outputs.
Can we assume that each box also came with a different powder supply and that the front LED comes on when you switch on. You did not say but I assume it is a Live hub as you are posting in this forum, if it is can you hear the internal fan / hard disc?

As richUK said.

Also, should be sure this is JUST the wd with only the power & video pluged into it.

No USB devices or network for now.