Wdtv audio player setup

I’ve recently picked up a hub for my main theater setup.

I want to use my old wdtv player as a dedicated audio player in another area.

Proposed setup: wdtv, amp, monitor, speakers, using hdmi: wdtv > amp > monitor.

The Challenge: The place I want to put this is small, at best I have room for a 17" monitor. Very few 17" monitors available with hdmi.

Anyone have a similar setup, or a better suggestion for rigging this?

Probably a lame question but wdtv won’t work with a Liliput touch-screen monitor, right?


What type fo input does the Liliput touch-screen supports?

This 10" Lilliput has HDMI/DVI, VGA and composite inputs.



I did get an answer to one of my questions:

Will a Lilliput touch-screen monitor work with the WDTV media player?  No. The touch screen is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac and Linux.  The touch screen drivers would need to be installed in the device.


Based on the fact that it has HDMI and composite inputs then it should work with the WD TV. Obviously the touchscreen part of the monitor would not work as it has no way of communicating with the WD player, but you should get a picture.

If you look at the features page on your link it says:

Complete range of AV inputs.

Customers don’t need to worry about if their video format is supported, the FA1011 has HDMI/DVI, VGA and composite inputs. No matter what AV device our customers are using, it will work with the FA1011, whether that be a computer, Bluray player, CCTV camera, DLSR camera - customers can be certain their device will connect to our monitor!

Agreed, and Lilliput does make non-touchscreen versions of their monitors, so I think this is going to work out.

I will update as I build this thing because i think it is going to be a nice setup…Lilliput monitor, Parsound Z series amp and preamp, Polk Audio speakers, and the WDTV.


Well everything worked out. WDTV now set up as a dedicated audio player:

  • WDTV, connected to external drive

  • Parasound Z series mini power amp and pre-amp

  • Polk Audio speakers

  • Lilliput 10.4" monitor

Bit of trial and error trying to find the best wiring hook-up but it work brilliantly in the end. The Lilliput monitors come with a full suite of input-output options.

Because of the tight space, I needed small components and the Parasound Z series mini amp worked perfectly…great sound.


I don’t know whether I need it but I even added in a usb powered fan.