WDTV as a file server? (smb, webdav, etc)

Quick question:

I currently have a WDTV live plus and a 1.5tb USB hard drive.

What I’d ideally like to do is leave the hard drive connected 24x7 and be accessible over the network.

(From my mac/pc, I’d like to map a drive letter to the usb drive.  It seems like all I need for this is SMB or WebDav?)  The main idea is that I don’t want to have to FTP in / use proprietary software to see the files on it.


  1.  Is it possible to use the WDTV to act as a fileserver like this?

  2.  If so, would it have the ability to spin down the USB drive when not in use, or would it remain spinning 24x7?


Basically you can do this.  I don’t know how “fancy” you want to make it, but consider my situation for yours:

I have a LivePlus, with two, 2TB external drives connected to it in their own powered enclosures (not a third party one.)  The drives I bought specifically stated they would spin down to standby after a few minutes of non-use, and they do.

They are mapped, along with drives connected to other PCs, and I can play or snatch data from the two on WDTV, and on the other computers’ drives from my main Win7 PC.  All my home computers can access the WDTV drives. You just need to set up the network sharing correctly.

Thanks - this is what I was hoping for.

I’ll have to check if the WD elements 1.5tb drive I have will spin down or not.  I thought I read something in the past that said the NAS unit will override drive settings, though.

A quick question:  What is the actual path to map the drives?  Is it just the IP address of the WDTV?  Or is there a default path I should be looking for?  ( \wdtv\share or something )?  


You are asking the wrong guy about macs; I only do windowa.  Anyway, on Windows there is an easy way to map drives – find the “map drive” choice in a drop down menu, and go from there to find the drive to map and give a drive letter.

Also, have you put the CD that came with the WDTV in  the frive and looked at it?  It has something called Discovery that will map your drives on the WDTV.  Also, I had to download a newer version of this as the program on the CD did not function proplery.  Go into WD support for your WDTV and download the current Discovery program, and while you are there also download the PDF user manual for your product.