WDTV and Lion 10.7.2 Samba networking

I haven’t upgraded my Mac to 10.7 (Lion) because it wont work with my WDTV Live.

I have wired network and I think the WDTV uses samba to communicate with my Mac

Does anybody know if with the new release of Lion 10.7.2 apple did fix this issue???

Can I share files with my WD over my Home Network?

Thanks in advance


You should be able to share files.

If you have any issues try this  link

When you say “You should be able to share files.”:

Do you mean using the same system (sharing the drive connected to my WDTV and coping files to it)

Or using the method of the NFS file sharing of that the article you pointed at ?



Samba is no longer in OSX as of Lion.  Apple has switched to their own in-house built SMB client that many people are having issues with.  Nothing was touched in 10.7.2.