WDTV and Flickr

Does Flickr no longer work on WDTV Live? I cant view any photos through the Flickr app anymore. I know my network connection is working properly because I can access youtube.

Any info? Thanks.


Have you tried resetting the unit?

what firmware are you running on the unit?

I have tried resetting. I am on the most up to date firmware. I saw a post from a couple years ago with the same issue and was hoping others had better luck.

Solution #2: get a Roku, because the WDTV is a great media player of home-based content and a lousy internet content streamer. And is why I have both units.

Funny you say that, because I got a Roku for this purpose. The problem with the Roku is that streaming flickr content gives you no options to slow down the slides. Its too fast and lacks options.