WDTV all of a sudden cannot find IP address

The WDTV was working great till last night when it was unable to find an IP address.  I tried to reestablish the connection with no luck.  Still could not obtain IP address.  It is also now not listed on my network connected devices.  My network and home server are working I can access it thru other computers.  I am using network shares and have an Ethernet cable plugged in which seems not to be the problem. I am using a home server.  I tried to reset it but it did no good as well as powered it off for a while with no success.  Any idea why this is happening and what I can do to fix it.?


instead of obtaining an automated ip try to assign it a new ip!

What device is providing DHCP services to your WDTV?  Try resetting it.

When I got home today I was about to try these fixes but everything magically was working fine.  I did not make any adjustments.  However now a few hours later I can connect but all the movie files just spin when selected  and do not play. …   I just unplugged and  plugged back in and now it works again.  At least for now.    Any idea whatis causing these inconsistencies?  It was working flawlessly for months maybe this is just payback to make me remember how crazy this devide makes us at times.

It sounds like network issues; everything you describe fits.

The spinning “loading” circle sounds like the .mkv issue.  Especially if unplugging fixes it for a while.

See _ 4H _ and _ 4I _ in the FAQs