Wdtv 2k16!


Hi, the latest wdtv available now is from 2014 and many media players are better than wdtv now with support of usb 3.0, dolby atmos passthrough, cpu quad core, ddr3 ram so i wonder if wd plans to reveal a new box this year? it would be great im still using my wdtv but now with 3d blue ray, remuxes mkv, high bitrates files, i need an upgrade…i hope wd will give us this upgrade or we will have to change our boxes for rivals ones…


If you find a box that can completely replace the WDTV, let us know.


i don’t know if we have the right to promote other products here…besides, im a wd fan and i really want from them to bring us another box :confused:


Yep, updated box is needed. I have a 4K TV & need a box to play x265 type files. We won’t wait forever!


x265 is not the norm yes as well as 4k support but minimum is multi core cpu, usb 3.0 and avc/mvc codec at least…hope they will release a new box this year…if not…go elsewhere


neither is Dolby Atmos … (only 39 titles)



totally agree, my point was mainly focused on usb 3.0 and some ram because we have to be honest guys…wdtv is not very reactiv…we need just a power updat + cool new feature 3.0, MVC… just to keep wd on the run…otherwise wd media player devices will be forgotten if we don’t have new device this year ^^


I think quite a number of people have already forgotten (i use a RPi2 and 4K Android Box now)

Other people i’ve known on this forum have moved to Android Shield TV’s, Chromeboxes, HTPC etc


yes android boxes are very good with kodi… but ithink wd can make a great product but i don’t know if it is on the tracks or if we will never get it ^^


I agree WD make great products … but personally think they are now more focused on Storage Solutions … which is their Bread ‘n’ Butter


of course but until now they releaed a wdtv every 2 years from the first wdtv, we are now at gen 4 released 2 years ago, that’s why if they plan a new box, it is for this year


Gen 4 is the same hardware as Gen 3 (2011) … (Same Hardware, Specs, SoC, Kernal, etc)

only difference is, they Removed Netflix from Gen 4 (2014)

That’s 3 Years … between models

And 5 Years … on, and no New Hardware


go xtreamer prodigy 4K then x) but i will wait this year to be sure, we can have another box this year, wait


“Wait” if you like … for something that may or may not ever happen

Life’s short … I bought devices i’m happy with and enjoying now


lol wich box do you recommend?


i think nvidia shield is the vest at the moment…


It depends on what you want it to do … and your budget
You can spend as little as $45 or over $200-300 +

But i would recommend a device that has lots of Support

Yes, the Nvidia Shield TV is very nice … but even it has some “quirks” (you’d have to read the Kodi Forums)


like nvidia shield…i think it’s the best for the moment


Spec wise … it looks like everything you want in your original post
(not sure about Atmos Passthrough though … that’s probably a Kodi feature thing anyways)

Carpe diem


yeap :slight_smile: usb 3.0, 4K, hdmi 2.0, kodi support, it’s just awesome, wich 4k box do you have ?