WDTV 2014 and MAC access is not working :(

first sorry for my bad english


I have been a few days my new WDTV 2014 WDBPU .

It works really well everything , but I can not access a shared folder on my Mac 10.9.5 with the WDTV .

In Finder me the WDTV will appear under Places and I can access it , or on the connected drive. Why it does not work the other way around ?




I believe  this post might be of use to you.

No sorry.

Google translate :slight_smile:

perhaps yes here an expert to help me with my problem .

Basic equipment:

IMac with OSX 10.9.5 2011
Western Digitial TV Media Player with the latest firmware or WLXTV 2014

problem :

WDTV does not recognize the shared folder on my Mac . The special folder is also checked with Enabled .

What works :
When WDTV I made the network MAC released under the Settings and thus the WDTV the Finder will appear under Places . Because I can even access the connected hard disk and copy .

I have the WDTV the possibility via user login to access the Imac . But what I give to it? I have tried to enter my user data from the main account on the iMac , but this does not work ( Wrong user or password )

I do not remember more , **bleep** really .

Maybe there is someone here with a clue …

Many greetings

so display I :