.wdtemp folder

In my case the trigger for this same problem was the following:

A file from one of the local WDSync-folders was backed up to the cloud. Later this file was deleted from the local folder. WDSync kept on trying to backup this file and produced another shadow copy of this file in the .WDTemp-folder every minute. In my case this folder grew to 25GB.
From time time WDSync would produce an error message saying “file xyz could not be synchronized”.

The solution is:
Spot the file in the cloud. Delete it there. WDSync will stop trying to sync the file. Now delete the content of .WDTemp and you are free again.

Let me emphasize that it is a shame that no one of official Western Digital cutomer service has ever cared to contribute to the solution of this problem since this thread was opened more than A YEAR AGO. It’s Western Digital’s software that causes this bug. So it’s their responsibility to solve such issues. aka. After Sales Service.


Thank you! Worked perfectly. Definitely a bug that needs to be fixed.

Just had a similar problem. I had filled the Hard Disk with junk files in .wdtemp. I could stop the backup and delete the files but they just came back when I restarted the back up. After a while I realised that it was trying to back up some files that had been already deleted. Got stuck on this a while then realised a solution was to create some files in the names it was looking for. It then backed these up and stopped filing my hard disk.