WDSync loop on mac Office files


On a mac when you install Microsoft Office, some technical files are installed in “Documents/Données utilisateurs Microsoft” (french version).

WDSync totally block on this file. It try to sync these since 48H for 573 ko ! 

It contains some automator files like “Convertir le texte du message en audio et envoyer vers un iPod\sc-.workflow”. And WDSync can’t sync them and can’t pass to another file…

The loop is WDSync Connect -> Connected -> Analyze of… -> Connect…


We have passed this along to support.

I had a problem where two files would not sync and WD sync would keep trying but never succeeded. When I looked at these files I noticed that the file date was in 1970, in other words there was no file date! I gave the file a data and they synced almost straight away.

Looks like without a valid file date the WD sync won’t work.