WDSync - Any support now? Recovery help needed

Hi all.

Have a client who was taking a recovery copy of his data to his passport drive. When his laptop finally failed we found three separate data folders on the passport drive:

Backup Set 2009-01-08 115417

Backup Set 2010-11-09 185206

Backup Set 2011-02-14 192045 <- Date of the failure - yes I know its a little while back.

Running WDSync (or even a later copy of dmailer) only allows access to the data from the first folder, as does the dmailer recovery program.

We’ve recovered most of his files through various methods, but are still unable to recover his email (only up to 2009.) Anyone know of a way to recover the backups from the other folders?



Dude, I’m sorry but that thing is so old not even WD supports it any more