WDSync and Free filesync

Evening folks, my first post here after using my WDMyCloud 3tb for a time. I keep getting the error “Mycloud is missing” when using WDSync. reboot and rest and it comes back for a time. The firmware is all up to date and all settings are fine.
but it is very very annoying !

I have looked up and some people have suggested using Free Filesync instead. I have a question though

I am trying to setup the “TO” section and enter my ipaddress but for the life of me i cannot select a port next to it that will allow me a connection … and its driving me MAD !

Can anyone tell me if this software will work, if so what port should i be using or if not any suggestions for another item of software ?

Many thanks in advance

Map shares as network drives. Then specify the drive letter in the ‘To’ field. Assuming you’re using a PC.

hi thanks for response, how do i use a network drive over the internet ?

You can’t… You didn’t mention remote access in your OP.

FFS apparently supports remote operation using SFTP, but I’ve never tried it, as I have no need for remote backup. Try reading the FFS manual.

Officially you cannot remote map a My Cloud drive. WD removed that capability last year. Officially the only methods of remote access are; WD MY Cloud Desktop, WD My Cloud mobile apps for iOS/Android, MyCloud.com web portal, WD Sync, and the insecure FTP access.

If you do a forum search you’ll find one or two discussions on trying to activate SFTP that if successful one could use the SFTP feature of Free File Sync to access the My Cloud remotely.

Unofficially, and absolutely not supported by WD, if one has the older v4.x My Cloud they could install the CloudDAVMod app that will allow one to remote map their My Cloud.