WDSYNC_7.0.328 won't start

WDSYNC_7.0.328 was working on my desktop, but now when I try to fire up the exe file for WDSYNC_7.0.328, I get a Microsoft message “WDSYNC_7.0.328 has encountered a problem and needs to close”. XP Windows in use on my desktop.

I have no problems with WDSYNC on my laptop (running Vista).

Have you searched the rest of the forum about this? I’d give it a try. You can also contact WD’s Technical Support by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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Hi Bill - yes I did check rest of forum for this problem - but could not find anything directly related.

After I posted this problem - I managed to get WDSYNC started by first running the program compatibility wizard (right click on the Application file, select compatibility tab, click “Learn about compatibility” at bottom of this tab - this fires up Windows Help & Support Center - then click on link “Program Compatibility Wizard”).

I just went though each screen - did not actually change anything - but when finished - WDSYNC started OK.

I suspect there is some incompatibility between Vista on laptop (where syncing is done) and XP on desktop, where “sometimes” WDSYNC won’t start under XP.

That’s really strange.  It’s usually reversed.  WDSync would work on XP and not on Vista.  Did you reformat the drive on Vista?  Cause that can cause that “incompatibility” with XP.  Sometimes XP doesn’t recognize a drive formatted on Vista.  Or, vise versa.  Well, anyway, I’m glad you got it working.