WDSmartware making too many backups of Outlook and too often?

Set for 5 versions, now have 16 and climbing after 2 days, some 2 minutes apart. Win 7 SP 1 Outlook 2007. One is Outlook.pst, Outlook1.pst and Outlook@01923842ih23ph12l5hgjkhg2512 or similar for 14 more versions all full size 566MB each… good way to sell drives… fill 'em up with the crappy backup software! System slows to a crawl, Core Duo Thinkpad Z61M

Phone Support useless, latest firmware and software in place, tried email support too.

I see why people are upset, I picked the simplest thing in my mind to back up and it fails miserably. Being a programmer, I can tell they do not test their software. WIn 7 64 and Outlook 2007 are pretty standard today but phone support guy admitted he knew nothing about Win 7. He’s an XP guy he says. 

Hi there, what if you use another software other than Smartware? I use Windows Backup as it gives more control and makes system images instead of file copies…