WDSmartware - Backup Retention Issue

I have the automatic backup set to retain 5 generations of each file. Since I crunch on the files a lot, this is quite conservative. However, my 3TB backup drive is rapidly approaching capacity. Is there another parameter I can use to eliminate stale copies - like “When the 5th generation limit is reached, only keep the existing 1st generation for x period of time”. There must to be a way to avoid needing 5 times the main storage just for backup without sacrificing recently-created backup copies. Reducing the number of kept generations (the most obvious solution) only postpones the inevitable.



Probably not the best place I could have posted this (look ashamed). I’ll repost elsewhere.

SmartWare gives you the option of how many backups you want to keep.  However, it will only remove the oldest once the limit is reached.

The software does not have any feature to specify  what file to keep or delete.

Too many copies? reduce the overall amount of copies its saving…  

need more space? … a bigger drive is needed 

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