WDShareSpace8TB problem in playing movies on network PCs

hello everybody!

the problems are that i unable to see the movies, stored on WDss 8TB, on my home network PCs. Video and sound stopped from time to time and so on - just not like you see normal DVD or Blu-ray on player. I was trying to switch to different software players: KMP, Winamp, WMP, MPC Star and etc. still no result, so i even changed router from DIR-300 old one to brand new one DIR-655 hopping to encrease speed make it equal at least between WDSS and DIR-655  both announced supporting 1GB???) somehow in my network but still the same result even cable connected PCs, i’m not spoken about wi-fi connected one. It look like more bigger capacity movie (4Gb and higger) more worse result will be appeared during playback. Trying to use Twonky with WMPs nothing changed. ANy idias from the advanced users will be much appreciated. Reading some issues here make me upset that probably WDSS 8TB is not so good as it announced

sorry for poor English hope so you understand that i mean here

many thanks be4hand 

hi, i got a question for you, what kind of cable are using, wd ussually recommend a CAT5e and up when u are having this issue.

But i would go with   CAT6

hello agn

if you mean cable between WDSS and DIR-655 it is Cat.6

PC#1 (Win XP) connected with Cat.5

PC#2 (Win 7) connected most probably with Cat.5 or lower will clear it with provider tommorow

PC#3 (Win XP) wi-fi connection 54mbps but actual speed will measure later on

that’s it

many thanks to moon1 fr promt reply

OK, if you are using cat5 on the computer make sure is a cat5e this will give you gigabit capability, also you have to remember that wireless is always slower than wired…and if you verify that your network is gigabit, you should be able to accomplish that speed with the drive…and always bro we are here to help each other :wink: