WDShareSpace no longer listed as a network drive


I recently had to reset my router. Now my WDSharespace 2TB no longer appears in my list of network drives. It is in my network map but it only lists as storage device and I now can only access the data by downloading WD link and mapping each folder in the WD sharespace as a volume on my main PC running windows 7.

I did recently setup a WDSentinel server but the WDSharepsace was in my list of network drives until this recent router reset. I attempted to upgrade the firmware as a fix but I could not do it manaully or automatically, it kept reporting the img file as invalid.

I have also reset the router/network again and stasrted and restarted my system severeal times but nothing changes.

I supose the fact that I can access my data via these individual volume drives is fine but I don’t understand what changed with the router reset. Everything has new IP address on the LAN but nothing else seems to have this problem. Also my macbook 1,1 still connects to both the Sentinel and ShareSpace as Shared drives. This is just making me nuts because I now have to retrain my brain to a new drive pattern but I want to be sure that this is not the sign of a larger issue.

Here are my WDShareSpace Drive Details:

Model: WDA4NC20000

2.1.92 with MioNet 
built on Fri, 31 Jul 2009 18:00:00
HDD 2 DataVolume 931.51 GB WDC WD10EAVS-00D7B1 Good  
HDD 1 DataVolume 931.51 GB WDC WD10EAVS-00D7B1 Good



You can try checking on the router’s page and see if the Sharespace shows up.

Make sure no Firewall or Internet Security is affecting the drives connectivity with the Windows 7 computer.

Hi it showed up on router list and all other computers on the network. I have no clue why it was not listing on this PC. I also have a WD Sentinel I just recently setup and I thought that was the issue. Some conflict with 2 servers. Today we had a power outage and when I was able to boot back up there was the WD Share Space and the WD Sentinel both on my network list.

The Sentinel is still, 5 hours later, running through verifications I’ll se what happens when it’s actually accessible.

Thanks for the input.