WDSharespace icon twice in sidebar

I have had a WDSharespace network drive for some time and just reinstalled it after having upgrade Mac OS to Lion. I updated the firmware and I can mount the drive and see folders.

My problem is just an irritation. I can see two WDSharespace icons under Shared in a Finder window. Only one of them will connect to the drive. The other one shows Failed if I try to connect. It seems to have been inherited from before upgrading the firmware. I have rebooted the WDS drive and restarted the Mac, but it’s still there. I’ve tried dragging it off the window and drag. None of this has worked to get rid of the non-functioinal icon.

Can anyone suggest a way to get rid of it?

Barry Cooper

I can honestly say that I have LION, ugg, I have the same issue, have try everything (but put a bullet in the **bleep** computer) I will try to contact tech support, you could try to, to see if they can help you with this.