WDShareSpace 4TB - Time is wrong despite correct time zone

I have two of these boxes. I use them for my music library and they appear to work fine despite my cramming in the classical music with no end in sight. I got a new router recently that reassigned all of my IP addresses, so web access to the dashboards had to be refreshed. While doing this I just happened to notice that one of the boxes thinks the time is 19:55 while the other thinks correctly that the time is 14;55. I have the correct time zone (Eastern US) selected on both boxes and I use the same time server on both boxes (pool.ntp.org). Does anybody know if there is some other setting that could be effecting this? Just to be sure I have checked everything imaginable, I just checked the firmware on both boxes. Version 2.3.02 and the boxes say my software is up to date. No updates since 2013.

These boxes don’t seem to have any time based features, so worrying about this is probably a waste of time. But I worry that something is going wrong that I don’t understand. Any theories?