Wdsentinel on mac

hi all,

i have set up a wdsentinel, to be accessed by a mixed group of windows machines as well as macs - primarily macs.

set up was without too much problem after going thru the posts on this board, have installed the mac dashboard also on the mac machines and able to get onto the wdsentinel without issues.

question i have is - on the mac, in finder, it shows me three disks/mounts.



WDSENTINEL IPs Time Machine. wdsentinel.png

what are these three - ?

wdsentinel and wdsentinel show me the same folders when i double click on them, and sign in as a user.


mangal parihar



Well I guess the other one is to access the time machine backup if you have one.

sure, thats a reasonable presumption - but what is the WDSENTINEL IP for? how is different from the WDSENTINEL?

mangal parihar