Wdsentinel, APC 750 UPS and Powerchute

dear all,

i have a wdsentinel, connected to an APC Smart-UPS 750 which comes with Powerchute business edition.

the WDC support site lists out some steps to install the software at


i have not understood step 7

‘Install the PowerChute Business Edition 9.0 software provided with APC’s Smart-UPS 750 onto the WD Sentinel’s OS.’

  1. how do i install it on the wdsentinels OS, when the DVD will be on the Mac or Win client?

  2. can it be done from a mac, or only windows machine (i am able to otherwise control the wdsentinel from the mac)

when i use the dashboard on the mac or the windows machine, i am unable to make out how i can install a program onto the wdsentinels OS.

any help appreciated.


mangal parihar


Copy the contents of the CD to one of the shares on the WD box.

Then do step six.  From a windows PC, start>run>  Type “mstsc” (without the quotes) press enter

Insert the name or ip of the server and login as administrator.  You will then be at the server desktop.  On the server open my computer, got to d:\serverfolders…wherever you put the cd and run setup

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will try that and let you know. 


mangal parihar

thanks. followed your instructions and - no problem installing.


mangal parihar