WDSecurityHelper monopolizing CPU on Mac (El Capitan) with WD Security uninstalled


I just noticed (via Activity Monitor) WDSecurityHelper taking about 95% of my CPU during a Time Machine backup.

I had installed the WD Security app to try out the encryption briefly when I first bought the disk, but disabled and uninstalled it when I figured out my Mac could handle encryption itself.

The WD drive is now encrypted (via Disk Utility), so I would expect copying files to be a bit slower than usual. But I used encrypted disk images under Snow Leopard and never noticed a CPU hit.

Furthermore, the massive CPU usage persisted in Activity Monitor even after Time Machine finished. I closed all apps and applications, emptied the trash, but it was still there. Couldn’t eject the disk either without logging out.

So, if anyone has suggestions, I would be grateful:

  1. What is WDSecurityHelper doing, if it is no longer needed to un-encrypt the disk?

  2. Why did it stick around after the un-install?

  3. Why is it using so much CPU?

  4. Or does my Mac just coincidentally use something called WDSecurity for encryption, and this has nothing to do with my WD drive?

  5. After submitting a support case, do I typically get an email reply? I didn’t get a confirmation saying “We’ll get back to you in x hours,” etc. The case is in MySupport tab, but no response.

Thanks in advance!

WD My Passport 3TB

MacBook 2009 El Capitan

WD Security is not needed if you disabled the unit’s encryption through WD Security. Removing it should leave no trace unless the application was not fully/successfully removed. Try installing the latest version of the app from WD’s site and uninstalling the app once again.