WDS500G2X0C Idle Temperature?

I picked up a WDS500G2X0C M.2 SSD today to migrate my OS onto a larger and faster drive. Migration went fine using the tool provided by WD. I am concerned though about my idle temp that I am reading from CrystalDiskInfo. Currently, my drive is idling at 72 degrees Celsius. To me that seems hot. My computer is in my basement which probably sits around 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Is this idle temperature normal? Is my new drive defective?

See if this helps HERE 2nd page has operating temps.

Thanks for sharing the link.

Interesting to see that 70 degrees Celsius is a normal operating temp. Still seems quite excessive though for an idle temp. I could see that applying more so under load.

EDIT: I think this is for the environment it is assumed to be running in though. I don’t think this is actually the operating temperature spec.