WDS250G1B0A - Major incompatibilities or bad drive?

I already returned the drive, but I recently installed an ACHI card into my computer and was thinking of trying it out again. However I am wondering if the following issues are because of the drive or just being outright incompatible with my PC. It’s an nForce 780i, so it runs IDE mode with a legacy BIOS.

  1. When installing the latest Dashboard, I am told it is not supported under Windows 8 and thus will be limited. I am using 8.1.
  2. No matter what version of the Dashboard I tried, the drive is not detected.
  3. Ubuntu fails to boot off a liveCD citing an ATA failure.
  4. POST takes a lot longer than it should. Once every 3 or so boots the computer takes 20 seconds to post. The BIOS and Windows sees the drive just fine except for the previous issues.

I added ACHI with a ASM1061 card but was wondering if I were to buy a new SSD if I’d still get the same issues.

I bit the bullet and bought another drive. Apparently its model is WDBNCE2500PNC-WRSN. I’m using it on Port 0 of my ASM1061 card and art’s been pretty good bootwise. Like before does not see it but does in fact recognize the drive. It can’t seem to read any of the S.M.A.R.T. attributes so things like Life Remaining and Temperature are not supported. I would submit a ticket but my serial numbers are not valid.