WDS120G1G0B vs WDS120G2G0B

hello as the topic states, i would like to know the difference between WDS120G1G0B and WDS120G2G0B
i bought WDS120G1G0B from amazon in my country, but the seller sent me WDS120G2G0B
although the drive is legit and have full warranty (i checked), i am still skeptical.
i want to know which one is better of the two, WDS120G1G0B or WDS120G2G0B.
if WDS120G1G0B is better then i would raise a return request from the seller.
if WDS120G2G0B is better then i would keep my mouth shut and be silently happy that i got a better deal.

This one is the latest hardware revision. Both are the same performance and class ssd.