WD's Support Portal is in a serious need of an overhaul

i’m sure i’m not the only one who thinks this, but the WD support portal is a total dumpster fire, more so than the NY Knicks. i run a ton of 4 and 8 bay NAS units that house WD products almost exclusively. but managing them is a pain. i’m forced to keep Excel spread sheets for this.

-why is there no way to un-register/delete products I no longer own? I have drives registered that i got rid of like 3 years ago and have been out of warranty for god knows how long. they spam the list of owned products making locating products i actually need a nightmare.

-why can’t i delete my shipping addresses? some of these addresses i no longer need, they are for clients i no longer work with. some addresses are repeated in there a dozen times. i use 1 address 90% of time for RMA and service, and every time i do an RMA, the address replicates even though it’s entered the same exact way every single time.

there are other things i’d like to do in the support profile, but they are “wants.” the two above things are NEEDS!
it would be nice to be able to add notes to each item or group, and/or upload invoices at the time of purchase, so i don’t have to bust my chops figuring out what came from where when a drive fails.

i currently have 60+ WD Red, Red Pro and Gold drives i’d like to register, plus another 24 on the way, but if i do i will never find them on that list anyway, so it’s a waste of time. get your act together WD!

Thank you for sharing. I have forwarded your comments over to our support team for further review.