WD's should look into supporting win 8.1 + mac os mavericks and above

Called service center in Singapore earlier today regarding a disconnection issue of My Passport 2TB with Win 10. I was given with an answer regarding the support of the product of only up to Win 8.0 or Mac OS Mountain Lion. As such, My Passport MAY or MAY NOT work with any newer OS.

Apparently, I tried two other My Passports of the same model and they worked perfectly fine. So I basically belong to the “MAY NOT work” group of My Passport consumers. The recommendation was for me to buy a newer My Passport Ultra, which will 100% support Win 10 or latest Mac OS X. This does not make sense when I am supposed to dispose my S$200+ My Passport and get a new one at around the same cost.

I hope the management of WD can look into updating the driver or something of My Passport to support Win 10 (only me is having this problem) instead of recommending consumers to buy a latest My Passport. Also, FYI, Mountain Lion is from 2012. And its 2016 now.

Hi there,

Have you tried using a different computer to see if you get the same result? Also what model passport do you have?


I do not have a friend that is using a laptop with usb 3.0 ports. However, i tried my friend’s my passport on all the ports of my laptop as opposed to mine.


Linus Ang