WD's new way to screw its users: removing support for previously working usb dongles!

Hi people,

This is getting ridiculous now. They have removed support for the Sitecom WL-329 rev 1001 USB dongle in their latest firmware (1.06.15_V).

As a result, now I cannot connect to the internet after upgrading to the newest firmware. 

And now it seems that I will have to buy another wifi dongle (and pray that they don’t drop support again in the future!!)

Heck, I’m not going to buy anything from WD EVER AGAIN!

Did you try anything so simple as resetting your networking settings and resetting the dongle as your default device in your wireless settings?

Yes, I’ve reset to factory defaults and I’ve set up a new wireless connection from scratch. It doesn’t connect.

I’ve also changed my main router to another one from a different brand, borrowed from a friend. But it won’t connect either.

My computers and laptops connect fine, as always. Only WD TV LIVE fails :frowning:

I’m going to roll back to an older firmware to be 100% sure. But it would **bleep** a LOT to be stuck in an older firmware forever!

I’m sad :( 

Sorry… I just had to ask.  It just seems like many adaptors are getting “deselected” by the update, and re-doing things has seemed to work for other dongles that had “stopped working.”

I’d have to highly doubt, however, that support for that chipset was deliberately removed.  I’d have to guess any loss of functionality is a bug that needs to be addressed by WD.