WDPhoto Transcoder stops working

I have a new 3TB Mybook live which I have updated to FW 2.02.02-020. I have transferred about 50G of photos to the public shared photos folder. I understand that the crawler very slowly transcodes these for viewing in WDPhoto. But I am convinced that the crawler is getting stuck. A few of my albums are now visible in WDPhoto. But no more are appearing, even after I clear WDPhoto cache on IPad.

If I reboot the MyBookLive after a while I see some additional photos. But then progress stalls again.

Is there a way to check on the health or progress of the crawler? can I see it’s cache file and check timestamp? Is there a way to raise it’s thread priority? If it encounters non-image files in Shared Photos will it have problems?


As far as I know, it’s a no to all the questions… There should be a wat though.

Upon further observation I have found one way to tell the crawler has stopped working. The light on the front flashes green when the drive is being accessed. It appears that this includes access by the crawler. So, if the light is flashing, and I am not accessing the drive from my laptop of iPad, I know the crawler is still running. This is supported by the fact that new photos continue to appear in WDPhoto during this time.

After half a day or so the light stops flashing, which seems to be coincident with stalling of new photos appearing in WDPhoto.

Some more findings…
You can go to the Support section of the web interface and save a diagnostic report.
There is a file in there called mediacrawler.log which provides some info.