WDPhoto: Support folder selection/browsing when uploading files to WD devices

I just installed WDPhoto for Android and iPhone

I select my WD TV Live Hub as the device to upload my photos to from my mobile device.

I use the option to select photos from my camera Gallery.

WDPhoto only shows the default ‘Camera’ folder.

I have many other folders in my gallery from which I want to upload photos.

  1. WDPhoto should support  folder browsing so photos/video can be uploaded from folders other than the default.

  2. A further enhancement would be to allow selection of a folder to be uploaded. That folder could then be created on the target device and all supported files in the source folder would be uploaded to the target folder.


This is a great idea. I have only one thing to add: these features should be added but not to an update of the WD Photos app but an app combining both apps and with features suggested on here by others and myself.