WDMyCloudMirror access for only few seconds on each reboot - firmware 2.31.183

Since my WDMyCloudMirror got upgraded with the latest firmware 2.31.183 on May 27th, 2019 I’m not able to access a dashboard or any content.

When I restart the device it can be accessible for only a few seconds and becomes unavailable after that.

In the troubleshooting process, I restarted device millions time and gave 4 sec and 40 seconds reset try but didn’t get any luck around it.

I don’t find any other solution and It gives me a scary feeling to lose all data. I’m looking forward to getting some help from WD support team or WD community members.


@dharmesh09 This looks like article

Spinning circle when logged into MyCloud.com

Answer ID 8125

I set my WD MyCloud Mirror to NOT update firmware automatically. Therefore, I just upgraded last Friday (9/6/2019) to 2.31.183.

I had to deal with the SAME ISSUE!

The fans on the device running constantly was the first indication. When I connected to the GUI via the local web address, it would hang, timeout, not let me get into sub-menus.

Well, after lots of messing around with it, I was able to finally DISABLE Cloud Access, by quickly navigating to that menu right after a reboot. I have always had that feature disabled (based on other posts I believe it was enabled when I recently used the mobile app to transfer some files).

That helped a lot, but it was still not working properly, the GUI was not responsive, it just seemed like something was taking all the real-time or there was an I/O bottleneck.

Finally, I disabled the Media Server and everything started working perfectly!

So, I believe the core issue I was dealing with, and possibly you as well, is something regarding the operation of the Media Server being changed (broken) with this new Firmware.

Right now I’m okay as I use the device primarily for MacOS backups and media file storage (basically as a NAS).

However, VERY disappointed that the Media Service is now unavailable!!!