WDMyCloud, Windows 10 & 3rd party virus checkers

Some people have had various problems with their WDMyCloud using Windows (10 mainly) and there is a strong possibility that 3rd party virus checkers are part of the problem.

With the release of Windows 10 there is no reason to run 3rd party virus checkers because Microsoft Windows Defender is (finally) mature enough to do the job. That is both the official word and my personal experience. After 1 year running 4 Windows 10 systems with all 3rd party virus checkers removed, I have had zero virus infections. Previously I had been running Avast and AVG. I do, however, still run MalwareBytes for malware detection.

If you have suspicions that virus checkers are affecting your Windows 10 system, uninstall them but make sure that your Windows Defender is running and up to date (Settings/Update and Security/Windows Defender).


There will be others who will disagree. Windows Defender often comes in near the bottom when compared to other AV products.

AV-Comparatives.org Real-World Protection Test February – June 2016


Windows Defender is adequate for a free anti virus only program that is integrated into the OS. It isn’t however a comprehensive security program like other free and paid products that generally perform better.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend Windows Defender as the sole security program for the average Joe user. Rather a layered approach using multiple programs or a paid AV/Security suite that includes AV, firewall, malware protection would be better for the average Joe user due to their tendency to have poor web surfing habits and poor security knowledge. Windows Defender and Windows Firewall are both very basic security programs.

For a person who surf’s safely and takes other steps (like ad blocking in their web browser and other browser based security apps) Windows Defender is perfectly adequate. I’ve used Windows Defender for years on Windows 7 and now Windows 10. Had very few problems with it. It has prevented on one or two occasions infections.

Since my first install of Windows 10 in June 2015 (i’m part of the insider program) i am using the built-in defender and never had issues with Viruses, Malware etc.
As long as this is not changing, i will not install a different/additional piece of software, just to appease my conscience.
I’m running myCloud since a week for two Windows devices in my home network. None of them ever had issues with it.

Of course there will always be others who disagree. I found some reviews (opinions?) that considered Windows Defender (WD) more than adequate. Of course, if you’re the type of computer user who likes to browse dangerous sites or one who ignores the warnings then perhaps WD won’t suffice.

However, I feel that my four years (4 computers X 1 year) of accumulated usage without a single intrusion fairly good data as opposed to just ‘opinion’.

Keep up the good work, Bennor. You are a super human coach and mentor and I appreciate everything you have to say. I have stayed out of trouble with my WDMyCloud 2TB by following the many posts here on the forum.