WDMyCloud_win Windows 10

I have WD My Cloud EX4 20TB.

It’s about time that this really give full support to Windows 10. When I installed, it treat windows 10 as if it was Windows 8. I had to buy a Dell XPS laptop running windows when I found out I couldn’t play my mkv files and the app would buffer a lot even though I have 100mb upload speed at home and 1GB download at work. things should be great. The problem is with WDMyCloud_win is that if I’m not home to get direct access to the drive bypassing the app, WDMyCloud_win will try to open Windows Media Player which I never use once since it doesn’t play all files. While Microsoft still leave it there, they are now using Movies & TV player which is good for accessing Network files and playing all sort of files. Because WDMyCloud_win sees my W10 as W8, it wont use my default player Movies & TV. I was force to use Zoom Player Max as default. Since two update to WDMyCloud_win lately, Zoom player has been saying connecting but never connect to play my files. My Cloud EX4 is a useless storage for accessing my files wirelessly. My 20TB hard drive is nothing but local storage I would ratter sell. If WD can’t do it, they should let a third party create a window app we can access our content without needs for WDMyCloud_win.

What happens if you reinstall the app? Have you tried contacting WD Support about this?

If you do a Google search about mkv files you will find what the best player is for playing the files.


Thanks for replying Tracer. I uninstalled and installed on my XPS 15 and it’s the same. I have the right setup at home with 100mb upload speed, connection is all greeat with wiring and all. I have 1gb/s download speed at work. Sometimes I have to turn to some streaming place to watch something I already have home. It makes no sense of having a wireless home server. I haven’t contacted support yet. I will. Zoom Player Max keeps saying connecting and never connect. Before it used to connect and buffering when I have top upload and download speed. Not it won’t connect. I’m not trying to watch a 25gb file. It’s usually a 1gb movie file.

@ cat0w, I have all the best software to play all sort of files including Movies & TV, Zoom Player Max, VLC. The way WD connect me to my server at home is just bad. They treat it as if I’m on dial up. I was going to use FTP though it’s not that safe. Thanks for advice.

Why would WDMyCloud_win want to open Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 10 when I never ran it once and not my default program. It doesn’t see Movies & TV as my default program which I love in W10. I have to use Zoom Player as my default program so it doesn’t force me to to run WMP.