WDMycloud volume issue

I have removed the hard drive and it seems healthy apart from some of the sectors have been erased. I would just like to reset to factory default but it hangs… could I use an alternative method for resetting the unit back to default ie via ssh?

A 40 second pin reset will reset the My Cloud back to default settings but keep user data intact. If one is looking to do a factory reset that wipes user data, that is normally handled through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section.

It would help if you posted the specific My Cloud model you are using and what firmware version it is running. There may be specific methods of running commands by SSH to reset a My Cloud or update it’s firmware but those commands may vary depending on version and firmware.

It’s a 4 TB MyCloud… no markings on the case.

I’ve tried the reset and he drive is flashing red. My guess is that the data volume is missing/corrupt? I did spot a tutorial on how to address this type of issue but my unit failed to respond to the parted command.

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard when the device has a red front LED?

What Do LED Blinking White, Blue, or Solid Amber Mean on My Cloud?