WdMyCloud single drive V2 - Shutdown mode

This has been requested so many times, and still nothing has been done about it, so here is the feature request yet again.

I have a single bay V2 WdMyCloud. On the web interface there is no ‘hibernate’ option on the web interface. It is in fact there, but not visible. There is a tweak (using inspect - see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAkN6QCTRbE&ab_channel=NoExpert) to make the option visible which works well. It is also possible to shut the device down using Quick View if you can find a copy (it does not appear to be on the WD website) and this also works. If the files on the device weren’t write protected, the change to the html coding could easily be made via SSH, but they are, so you can’t.

The official WD procedure to shut the device down is to pull the power cord, but this is never a good way to shut anything down, and I don’t understand why it has even been suggested.

So please, please make the hibernate option visible on the web interface. I cannot think why it is still hidden.