WDMyCloud in Windows file explorer

Hello. I have two wdmycloud nas that I would like to access in windows file explorer, but they are not visible under network there. I use windows 7. I can log in to the dashboard on both and I can access them with the mycloud program but I prefer file explorer. Does anyone have a solution?

Have you tried mapping shares as network drives?

File Explorer ‘Map network drive’
Tick the ‘Re-connect at logon’ and ‘Connect using different credentials’ options.
Enter the credentials for a MyCloud user with permission to access all the shares.
Use the same credentials for every share you map.

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Yes, but it is not working as my two nas is not visible when I click browse. :frowning:

If you know the name of your device, and the name of your shares, you should be able to enter the path manually. For instance, the standard Public share should be at:


If you can’t connect that way, you may have a DNS resolution problem.

It worked! Now both my nas popped up in file explorer! Thank you very much :slight_smile: