Wdmycloud error

I have a 2tb wdmycloud and on a scan i get a 400157 error.

On a full scan it scans up tp 90% and never finishes.

 Have no idea how to correct the problem.


What scan are you doing?

I too am having this problem

3 TB MyCloud returns an error of 400157 within a minute of two of starting a full scan.

A quick scan returns an OK result.

I have a WD USB drive attached.

Vista Business.

QuickView returns no status, no colour in the button, 0% used (not true) and temp “unknown”

It takes 3 or 4 minutes to display the dashboard page. Then another couple of minutes to display the home page data.

File transfer seems to work OK although I don’t know what speed I should expect.

Smartware works, i.e. files are backed up.

Any suggestions?