WDMyCloud connected to BT Smarthub2


I am not highly tech savvy so please, anyone offering any help, can you tell it to me like you are telling your Mom, or your Nan if your Mom is tech savvy!

I have a 2 TB WDMyCloud personal storage which has happily been attached to various BT wifi hubs for many years. Now I have the all new smarthub2 and have reconnected it. Whilst the Hub can see that it is connected to “something” it does not know what it is and it is shown on the hub homepage as being an unconnected devide.

How can I gain access to my drive? Is it simple, will I be able to do it?

Thanks in advance…

Part B, if I cannot gain access then how can I simply “see” my data on the WDMYCloud so that I can copy it off and put in on SSD storage? I have a laptop with an ethernet port (how lucky am I!) but understand from reading posts that half make sense to me that it will not simply show up as a device…

You would need to disable parental control on your new router. Each router is different so WD would not be able to support you on that, but bt.com could.


The way to do this on bt would be:

How to turn off BT Parental Controls

Hmmm. Many thanks tekram for the speedy reply.

I have checked my BT account and find that they are already switched off - seemingly the controls being on or off are associated with my BT ID and changing a router/hub does not change the settings.

Have you any other suggestions please? Much appreciated…

A cursory look of the bt com community forum suggests that this may be a smarthub2 firmware problem and may not be easily solved. Unfortunatly this WD subforum does not have a lot of feedback from BT Smarthub2 owners so support for this may not be forth coming. Your best support is still to look at the bt community forum and perhaps look to replace the router if there are other posts that suggest it may solve your problem.

Alternative to the Smart Hub 2…

Thank you tekram. I have already raised the same question on the bt forum. I did have a suggestion to take parental controls off, they already are and I can see no reason for why this would help and wonder if it is because I referenced “mom” and “gandma” in my post?! I’m 58 lol.

I had googled prior to raising and feared it was not going to be a simple fix. I will not be rushing out for a new hub as the wdmycloud is over 10 years old and I have other storage.

I am, therefore, back to the second part of my post. How else can I simply access the data. I have a laptop with an ethernet port but do not know how to access the data directly?