Wdmycloud blue flashing lights pls help thanks

Hi everyone,
the blue led on my wdcloud has been flashing 3 days and i can not access the device at all.
i called wd support and there solutions were not helping at all, restating router, 40s reset…not working at all.
All i want is saving the data on the disk ,i do not care if i have to void the warranty crack it take out the hard disk.
or if there is any better solution to save the data.

@qwe123 If you have a 2nd generation WD My Cloud the following is what is shown in the User Manual for a flashing blue LED on the front.

User Manual:

User Manual 1st generation:

hi cat0w,

thanks for your reply.
yes I am having a gen2 device.
my device has been having this blue blinking for days. I did some internet search says it is system checking (https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=15036)and could take days howevre I need to replace a new one if it is still not working after 7 days.
well, I do not want to get it replaced nor do I want to lose any stores data.
and I am worried this continuing blue blinking status will corrupt the data I stored in my device and make the future data saving impossible.
are there any other ways I can do to save and copy the data stored on the device?
it is ok if doing the data saving will have to void my warranty.

many thanks.