! wdmcserver gah! come on!

I am moving one folder to another folder, it, takes, me, 5, minutes…  W T H  WD?

in terminal in top its the [Deleted] wdmcserver eating up the [Deleted] cpu…

WHY OH WHY? did you guys choose that  weak [Deleted] cpu then create something so [Deleted] up as wdmcserver process just to fry this [Deleted] cpu… ???/

don’t tell me to init.d stop the process I have done all, MY MISTAKE was to reboot it and all came back!

please don’t reply or send mail just send us a 



Please accept my apologies since you said that you don’t want a reply. 

Normally, from what I can see in the time between previews firmwares, new firmware are released within a few months of the previews one in case that is need it. 

As a recommendation, create a new post on the ideas board with the things that you would like to be added to the newer versions so other user can contribute and it can be taken in consideration by the development team.

Link to the ideas board: 



ideas don’t get followed through because not all are using this device the same way,

some user are happy for their product other know this device can do better…

not all know this or care :frowning:

and I don’t know if I am talking to a owner of a WDNAS device or a WD person who created this product.

nice to see that respect vs respect comes with trashing the original thread into nothing understandable babble… lol?