WDMC Not Working. Shows Folders but won't play files. Black screen

Worked fine last night. Gotta love that BS.

Turned it on, Found the folder, selected the movie and nothing. Just a blank black screen.

Checked the drive: OK. Appeared on my computer and could play files from it.

Checked HDMI cable and video feed from HT to TV unit. Good.

USB cable works as it shows folders on TV from the WDMC. 

Displays screen saver after a while too.

There is a green flash when I turn on the WDMC, that I’ve never noticed before, on the screen of the TV.



Welcome to the forums.

This is the forum for the WD TV Live – what, exactly, is the WDMC?  If it’s not a Live unit, you might try the correct forum for it.

Western Digital  Media Player, not Center. Oops. Wrong forum too.

Solved the problem. I went to the Settings and the reset the system. Fixed. Dunno why it happened, but it fixed it.